Meet the Decision Height Cast: Erica Skoglund

Photo by M. Lavigne Photography

Photo by M. Lavigne Photography

Erica Skoglund as Mildred Simmons

Q – Before you started working on this production, what was your perspective on the role of women during WWII?

Like everyone else I had the image of Rosie the Riveter firmly implanted in my head…so I assumed that all women were in the factories.

Q – What kind of job do you think you would have had during WWII?  

I am sure I would have been walking around with a clipboard organizing something or other.

Q – What or who do you draw on for inspiration for your role?

All the Mildreds in the world…and my own inner-Mildred.

 Q – What woman in your life influences you the most and why?

My mom is a huge influence, of course – I wouldn’t be here without her both literally and metaphorically…and Tina Fey because laughter.

Q – What do you hope our audience gains from seeing Decision Height?  

I want them to see the full range and amazing tenacity of the women who played such a vital and under-appreciated role in World War 2.  It’s time they got the recognition they deserve.

Decision Height will be at the Players’ Ring  May 6 – 22, get your tickets now!

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