Meet the Decision Height Cast: Olivia Tobin

Olivia Tobin

Olivia Tobin as Rosalie Hartson

Q – Before you started working on this production, what was your perspective on the role of women during WWII?

My understanding of women’s roles during WWII was the contributions they made economically and socially by occupying the roles of men sent overseas. Most information was focused around the impact their role in manufacturing jobs and managing households. These experiences transformed opportunities for women and had far reaching effects into the future.  I was somewhat unaware of the extent their essential roles in the military and air force played, as their efforts within the war were and still are generally undervalued.

Q – What kind of job do you think you would have had during WWII?

I think I probably would have been a farmer because dungarees are fabulous. No but really, American agriculture had a massive impact on the war and it’s often overlooked.  Although food was scarce during wartime, without the work of women on farms the extent of dietary changes, rations, and shortages for Americans and their allies would have been unimaginable.

Q – What or who do you draw on for inspiration for your role?

Rosalie is a very determined and enthusiastic woman but she has difficult trusting her instincts. What inspires me most for the role of Rosalie is finding insight in moments of my own self-doubt and using those experiences in developing a character I think many can relate to.

Q – What woman in your life influences you the most and why?

My mum is most definitely my biggest influence.  She is determined, hilarious, intelligent, wise, and an all around bad-ass lady.  While bringing up myself and three siblings she worked night shifts in hospitals, studied to be a midwife, was devoted to helping others in social work, and received her PhD in women’s studies. She has taught me to be a woman of strength and assurance while experiencing life with an open heart. I can only hope to be like her one day.

Q – What do you hope our audience gains from seeing Decision Height?

An insight and appreciation to what it was like for these intelligent and brave young women during a time in which they were undervalued for their efforts and their involvement in shaping the course for future generations of women.

Decision Height will be at the Players’ Ring  May 6 – 22, get your tickets now!

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