Meet the Stage Beauty Cast: Wayne Asbury


Wayne Asbury will be portraying Villiars, Duke of Buckingham

Wayne originally hails from Kansas City, Mo, where he began his professional career over twenty years ago. He has performed all over the country before landing in New Hampshire, via NYC. He is thrilled to be appearing with Back Alley Productions for the first time. Past credits include: Quinn in Penelope, Bradley in Buried Child, Martin in The Goat, or Who is Sylvia, and Henry in Mud and Lorenzo in The Melancholy Play.

It’s been such an intriguing process working on Stage Beauty. The play has such pathos and confronts emotionally complex issues that we, as a society, are still sorting out. But it is also hilarious. To vacillate between these two extremes is a challenge that actors rarely get the opportunity to undertake. I love that this modern play, written about theatre (and morality) in the 1600’s, is still so topical and serves as a step in the process of determining what we are willing to accept in our culture, and in ourselves.

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