Meet the V-Day Portsmouth 2015 Cast: Michael Stailey


Michael Stailey

Q – How long have you been involved in theater?

I caught the acting bug very young, playing Santa Claus in the school Christmas play at age 5. From there I’ve been on and off the boards, taking time away for music, school, and career, but somehow always managing to find my way back when my soul demanded it.

Q – What are some of your favorite recent productions?

I had a phenomenal experience doing summer stock for the first time this year up at Hackmatack Playhouse under the guidance of artistic director Sharon Hilton and her amazing crew in their final season. That opportunity gave me the chance to create Dr. Einstein for Arsenic & Old Lace, sing barbershop harmonies in Music Man, and channel the Pythonesque insanity of Patsy in Spamalot. I’ll cherish those memories for a lifetime.

Q – Have you performed in the Vagina Monologues before?

I was blessed to have performed “True” last season for V-Day Portsmouth at Seacoast Rep, and get an opportunity to
reinterpret that piece for The Music Hall this year.

Q – What made you want to be involved in V-Day this year?

After last year’s empowering transformative experience, it was a no-brainer to make myself available for another go-round.

Q – Who is the most influential woman in your life?

All of the women in my life have been equally influential. From the women in my family to the amazingly talented women I’ve done theatre with over the years, each has given me a unique perspective on the divine feminine spirit and what it means to the world.

Q – What or who inspires you?

I’m continually inspired by creative expression in all its myriad forms. You can find it everywhere you look, from the most mundane daily tasks and what brilliant people make of them, to the ridiculously impressive work of bold artists pushing the boundaries of entertainment and enlightenment. That all stems from people who have embraced living as their true authentic selves – flaws, scars, and all. I aspire to one day attain that same authenticity, so as to unlock and empower my true creative potential.

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