Meet the V-Day Portsmouth 2015 Cast: Dominique Salvacion

Photo by Matt Lavigne of M. Lavigne Photography

Photo by Matt Lavigne of M. Lavigne Photography

Dominique Salvacion

Q – How long have you been involved in theater?

1 year!! That’s it. But it’s been an incredible year. Since November of 2013 I have performed in 2 play readings with Kent Stephens Stage Force, 2 late night shows at the DARWiNS WAiTiNG ROOM which was the season opener for the Players Ring.

Q – What are some of your favorite recent productions?

Can I just say all of the above? Each performance was so significant and valuable to me in their own way. But if I must choose, it would be DARWiNS WAiTiNG ROOM. On top of it being an incredibly well written and entertaining show, the cast had a chemistry that was so strong people from the audience commented on it afterwards.

Q – Have you performed in the Vagina Monologues before?


Q – What made you want to be involved in V-Day this year?

Several things. 1. It is a fundraiser for two organizations whose work is tremendously important. And to be involved in an event that supports them and will allow them to continue their mission is truly an honor. 2. I want to perform in this show and with Back Alley Productions!

Q – Who is the most influential woman in your life?

Wow. That’s a hard one quite frankly. Honestly, I can’t name just one. I am surrounded by amazing women, each who teach me something different. I treasure all of them.

Q – What or who inspires you?

A couple years ago my family experienced a difficult life event. And during that time, my community around me rallied together and provided a tremendous amount of support for us. It was so moving that whenever I talk about it I am moved to tears. The kindness shown to me and my family in a time of need inspires me in everything I do.

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Photo by Monica Bushor of Bushor Photography

Photo by Monica Bushor of Bushor Photography