Meet the V-Day Portsmouth 2015 Cast: Lesley Hamblin


Lesley Hamblin

Q – How long have you been involved in theater?

I have been involved in theater since I was a child. I used to dance and then became involved with a theater group and as they say, the rest is history.

Q – What are some of your favorite recent productions?

Some of my recent favorite productions include Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Players’ Ring, Harvey and An Evening on the Homefront.

Q – Have you performed in the Vagina Monologues before?

Yes, I had the pleasure and the privilege of performing in V-Day last year for the first time. I am so happy to be performing this year with such a talented and marvelous group of people.

Q – What made you want to be involved in V-Day this year?

I really enjoyed being in V-Day last year and making a difference.

Q – Who is the most influential woman in your life?

Janet, my friend in the U.K., well actually in the whole world.

Q – What or who inspires you?


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Lesley Hamblin