Meet the Stage Beauty Cast: Samantha Smith


Samantha Smith will portray both Miss Frayne and Mistress Revels in Compleat Female Stage Beauty

Samantha is a local stage manager and actor who is excited to be performing with Back Alley Productions for the first time. She likes sarcasm, bad puns, good puns, and her very needy (but affectionate) cat. She also loves to travel, drink coffee, have fun, and be happy. And speaking of fun, that is what Stage Beauty has been, just a real joy to work on! Creating two different characters with separate dialects and attitudes is a treat, and let’s be real – who doesn’t love playing dress up? Seriously, these costumes are incredible. Sam has promised not to complain when it is June at the Players’ Ring and she’s wearing a corset and a bunch of skirts. She hopes people come out to enjoy this entertaining script and have a good time this June, because she will be!

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