Meet the Decision Height Cast: Michelle Blouin Wright

Photo by M. Lavigne Photography

Photo by M. Lavigne Photography

Michelle Blouin Wright as Ziggie Lewis

Q – Before you started working on this production, what was your perspective on the role of women during WWII?

I believe that women during that time played a significant role in equality in our society today. They bridged the gap in the work force, served in uniform as well as keeping matters at home going smoothly while men were called to duty. I think they paved the road to where we are today.

Q – What kind of job do you think you would have had during WWII?

Without a doubt I would have run the kitchen! My focus would have been creating a comforting environment and serving some comfort food around the clock for everyone.

Q – What or who do you draw on for inspiration for your role?

I actually draw from my own life experiences. Having spent several years in the military, those moments of camaraderie, structure and passion for why we are there resurfaced quickly.

Q – What woman in your life influences you the most and why?

My mom has been one of my biggest influences. She always encouraged me to work hard, follow my dreams and stand up for what I believe in. Even though she is no longer with us, I embrace her words of wisdom every day.

Q – What do you hope our audience gains from seeing Decision Height?

I hope the audience will have full hearts watching what these amazing women went through and their journey during that time.

Decision Height will be at the Players’ Ring  May 6 – 22, get your tickets now!

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