Director’s Note for Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh

Photo by Jasmin Hunter

Photo by Jasmin Hunter

For a production company made up of two people who are obsessed with historical fiction, it is almost criminal how many years have passed between our last historical production to this one. In 2010, Danica Carlson and I set out to create the most sumptuous and realistic version of the mid- 17th Century that we were able to with our limited resources for our production of The Libertine. We wanted to create the perfect ambiance for our audiences to feel that they have been transported back in time to the intimate private chambers of the Second Earl of Rochester and the theater he so adored. It was so exciting to us, this re-creation of another time and place, a place that existed real human beings living their lives day to day without modern conventions and distractions and what that might look and feel like.

When I picked up Joel Gross’s beautifully crafted script of Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh, I was immediately transported into Marie’s lovely and tragic world and I experienced a visceral reaction, a need to tell this story of deceit, friendship and ultimately love. What struck me most about these incredible characters, was their vulnerability and passion for one another, living authentically for each fleeting moment. The script itself is written as a sort of dance, with each character drifting into one another’s lives, which just made it all the more enticing for me as a director and storyteller.

I have been truly blessed with three of the finest performers on the Seacoast to share this beautiful story with all of you. This show would be nothing without their incredible passion and devotion to these characters that they have fully embraced and made their own. This has been an intense process and a whirlwind of emotions for these performers, and I am eternally grateful that they have put their faith and trust into this journey with me. This production has truly been a collaboration, with our entire cast and crew wearing many hats and bringing a multitude of talents to the table – from costume, wig and prop making to set design, building, painting and graphic & sound design, everyone involved in this production has pitched in and multitasked to make Versailles a magnificent reality for you to enjoy…

Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh
May 9th through May 25th

Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm
Sunday 5/11 & 5/18 at 8 pm
Sunday 5/25 at 2 pm

Players’ Ring Theatre
105 Marcy Street Portsmouth, NH
Call for reservations 603-436-8123 or purchase tickets online

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