Meet the Musicians: Audrey Drake

Audrey Drake

Audrey Drake is a New Hampshire based folk musician. This will be her first time joining us for V-Day, and we are so excited for you to meet her!

For every artist, there is a journey. Musicians have the unique ability to share this journey with everyone they encounter. Many say that Audrey Drake “could sing before she could walk”. As a young child, Audrey discovered her voice and its powerful ability to create calm amongst chaos. Whether entertaining her 6 siblings or singing alone on the farmhouse porch, Audrey’s passion for music was enduring. Years of hard work, classical training, and real life experience, brought Audrey’s musical endeavors to a crossroads. In 1996, on a hand me down Takamine, she began to strum. Songwriting came as naturally then, as singing had so many years before and her storytelling was magical. Audrey Drake released her debut album, Soul To Keep in December, 2008. This long awaited CD has generated excitement and enthusiasm among her fans, both old and new. Soul To Keep intricately weaves together 10 songs through haunting melodies and soulful lyrics. It is a display of Audrey’s unique musical style which combines her formal study with her desire to tell stories that speak to all. Audrey’s classically trained voice mixes with raw emotions that draw you into her world. Her spirit leaves you wanting to know the intimate details behind her inspiration.
…welcome to the journey

Audrey an her band will be joining us at the Rochester Opera House Thursday February 20th & Friday February 21st. Be sure to get there at 7pm to see Audrey’s wonderful live performance!

To hear some of her beautiful music, please visit her website Audrey Drake. and become a fan! You may also read more about her here, as well as finding her on Facebook

Audrey Drake

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